WORM Smakelijk, a performance for Ver Uit de Maat Festival at WORM in Rotterdam, both radio transmission interviewing 5 members who work at the venue and 15 minute theatrical performance featuring myself as 3 characters negotiating fictionalized tasks. I was interested in taking work/labor as a starting point, for where the festival was held and the commitment, relationship and history each worker has to WORM. Wanting to draw an attention to the infrastructure of the venue and how these people have fictions being written in relation to those performing, that are full of stories and humor. The staff serve as the backbone to such a lively collective, that hosts an experimental and collaborative space. I was seeking to shift the focus to those working in a different way during the festival.

Thank you to Henk van Dillen, Virgil Dagli, Frédéric Van de Velde, Mark Molenaar and Ruurd Bouter for the interviews.

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