Eothen Stearn and LADY NEPTUNE
You are invited to join us for a guided sensory therapeutic performance, with an intimate group, lead by artist(s)/musician(s) Moema Meade (LADY NEPTUNE) and Eothen Stearn. The work can be seen as an unconventional transient clinic that provides short unexpected treatments that mix art and psychology.

Moe and Eo will perform an alchemical mixing of the senses looking to how we use unique personal coping mechanism combined with programmed strategies for dealing with contemporary life. Pulling language from ASMR, the occult, spirituality and the mental health industry as a whole, the duo will perform live sound for anxiety and enact analogue visual stimulations. Creating a fictitious synesthesia land where a sampling of experiences can meet and a new order will unravel.

This is the duos first collaborative work it was performed at SUPERNORMAL Festival in the UK.

https://www.eothenstearn.com/files/gimgs/th-77_smaller image for web.jpg