This work was part of exhibition, LA CLINIQUE DU QUEER, and is the second chapter of the cycle NO NO DESIRE DESIRE curated by Thomas Conchou at la Maison Populaire in 2020/2021.

I have a textile work, Glyph Picnic and an audio peice / interview titled, Comme un clef on show.

It feels special to show amongst such great queer artists. I thank Thomas Conchou for this opportunity. The show has been extended and now runs from 28 SEP to 13 Feb 2021.

Comme un clef (HTML by) Pamp Internet Studio

This interview is between artist Eothen Stearn, and the organisation Maison des femmes in Montreuil, France. It was made in passing in January 2020 before the crux of the pandemic.

Special thanks to Maison des Femmes for their generosity, openness and approachability. Spaces like these serve as a lifeline to women and womxn. This resilience and ongoing activism is crucial with the rise of domestic abuse on a global scale during the pandemic.

More details of the whole show can be found here: