Sex symbolism, Taken from a video featuring my girlfriend’s hands acting out various sex symbolist hand signage. Examples of hand symbols being performed; The Sign of the creator. Holy Trinity. Gesture of Catholic and Episcopal priests in giving benediction. Jewish benediction. Vesica Pisces. Sign of the horns. Phallic sign. Mystic signs of Jewish rabbis. Sign of the fig. Yoni sign. Many of these symbols’ have associations with bigoted state and religious institutions, which promote homophobia or simply preach how individuals should live. At one point during sex symbolism a gun is fired, representing a female destruction and take over of such symbols of power. Through the isolation of my partner’s hands, I wanted an association to be made with swearing or other universal forms/gestures of aggression. Moreover, I was also looking at the hands as a dominant prehensile organ and their dominant use within lesbian sex.