mirrored acrylic, costumes, stunt double and myself performing to camera.

This piece of work was looking at the artists relationship to the professional. I wanted to explore how as an artist, I could play out different roles in relation to the external act of labour of the stunt double. This questioned the assumed position of an artist within the production of a work, simultaneously occupying the role of performer, director and orchestrator. The mirrored acrylic placed upon the floor aimed to simulate a narcissistic experience for the stunt double, to be confronted with himself whilst performing.

The work intended to combine minimalist sculpture against a bodily act, intending to explore a re-representation of post modern sculptural concerns.

These images are an exploration of how the documented photograph can embody a climactic moment of a performance, whereby movement can be trapped in a synopsis or kind of pivot point and can embody multiple angles of a narrative simultaneously.