A commission for Radiophrenia Scotland A person is jogging around a burial mound, near to a standing stone circle. They run, using their phone to navigate over tombs and rocks passing inscriptions and woodland. They spot a naked woman floating in the river. Her body is creating an interference…. Sentient, a work that ruminates on someone being on the same patch of land 12,000 years apart. It’s narrative is circular and the score possesses a state of slippage; from neolithic quasi-time travel, to AI and other fluid immaterial states. Eo has written specific new drum rhythms for this commission and has produced sounds with her voice, limbs and musical apparatus. The drums, percussion, choral chanting and broken narrative represent the past. The synths, looped stems, field recordings and other instrumentation, present day. There is a spiritual dimension, which is a continuation of Eo’s research on musical lamentations and Gregorian Chants. Alongside this sober state, there is also a playfulness and strong emphasis on the power of an imagination. Recorded by Eothen Stearn. Additional recording and mix by Chris White.