Spiritual Bonbons Spiritual Bonbons, was a commission for a show titled, Bumper Sticker, in a gallery space in Canary Wharf (London’s financial district). The show was about peoples’ drive to believe in something powering the world outside of themselves and then sticking it on the bumper of their car. The work I produced looked at Masonic histories and forms found within the city, and patterns and/or occurrences embedded within this primarily male dominated corruption. I understood the shows title Bumper Sticker to be about creating something and then distilling the idea so that it can then be shown off. I wanted to make work about something vast to exemplify this dilation process, so chose the subject matter of fractal formations that are embedded into everything from nature to the stock market that also exist on hippy t-shirts. Spiritual Bonbons is about people buying into belief systems, revealing conspiracies or personal philosophies, and it’s cost. You can get your spirituality speed shipped to you, or have your conspiracy theory digested into a cartoon. For the show a performance and subsequent film was made, using female friends and myself, we created a spoof ‘ceremony of initiation’ to demonstrate concealed ambiguous unclassified power structures present in the city. Costumes/chorography inspired by North Californian new age meditation cult fronted by Buddha Maitreya the Christ and his wife Mandarava Tara, and Bauhaus member Oskar Schlemmer’s Das Triadische Ballett (The Triadic Ballet). THANKS TO MOE MEADE for filming ! And performers Sophie Lee, Rachel Horwood and Rachel Aggs