This work was looking at Gossip as an act of social grooming. Throughout there was three-character interplay who explore the history of gossip. My ideas were built upon the foundations of reading author Hannah Black’s brilliant text Witch-hunt (2017) that looks to gossip being a secret language of friendship and resistance between women.

Moreover, as friendships as a political force and sign of resilience and togetherness.

Gossip bitch simultaneously performs bursts of kitchen sink drama, puppetry, ventriloquism; conversing with the many voices we negotiate with in our daily lives, both internally and externally. It also featured dance choreographies taken from Bonobo monkeys.

I performed this work in two places. Once for Roodkapje, Rotterdam, NL (At event called Rotterdam Uitdagen). And once at STRYX, Birmingham UK. (At event called Real Fabrications).

Thanks to artist Sophie Bates for assistance with the realisation of the project.