NIGHTSHIFT has been signed to Chicago Label Trouble in Mind. More details here - we released our album "Zoë" end of Feb 2021. Instagram @wearethebandcallednightshift And then our more recent Made of the Earth tape in 2022. NIGHTSHIFT are Chris White, Andrew Robert Doig, David Campbell and Rob Alexander. We previous had the genius member that was Georgia Harris who has amicably moved onto other projects.

DIFFICULT. Tracy Hanna, Kari Le Riche Robertson and Eothen Stearn playing Difficult music using bass, drums, keyboard, vocals. Visual artists based in Rotterdam their musical collaboration combines absurd lyrics with punk sensibility and improvisation, a difficult process of unlearning and transcending genres. They met at the Piet Zwart Institute MFA program in 2016 and all worked together at the venue WORM. The band is based between Rotterdam and Glasgow. Here is a podcast on Difficult made by visual artist Lili Huston - Herterich who runs exhibition space Available and the Rat in Rotterdam. Contact details: Previous gigs: WORM, Rotterdam. Pink Penk, Rotterdam,Rotterdam Schouwburg.TAC, Eindhoven

2ply GLASGOW BASED BAND 2ply are Mark Briggs (bass/vocals) and Eothen Stearn (drums/vocals). Formed from the perils of 2017 they are a mixture of sarcasm and optimism. The duo work with subject matter that simultaneously integrates and celebrates contemporary life through sound, (Eg. Artificial Intelligence, Hot Desking). They produce scrappy yet melodic sound comparable to No wave. Previous gigs: MONO, Glasgow. GLAD cafe, Glasgow. GAS, Glasgow. The old hairdressers, Glasgow. Split tape launch 2ply and Taranchula See link below. (Label GLARC, Glasgow) Contact details: