SAWTOOTHISLAND a performance

Sawtooth Island, is both the title of the work uploaded and the name of a contemporary all female performing artist collective lead by myself and artist/musician Ruth Angel Edwards. Our collaborative processes centre around exploring the potential effects of sound on the body within multiple fictionalised environments. We use sound, spoken word, radio transmission and live action to create immersive sensual landscapes. Our projects have evolved out of a cross-disciplinary, collaborative process, introducing the medium of radio for our performances earlier this year at both Spontaneous Combustion festival and Hackney Wicked festival in London. These pirate radiobroadcasts took place at various intersections of physical and imaginative spaces (most memorably a boat) and looked into the imperceptibility of radio waves and ownership of invisible economies. We also devised for this broadcast an embedded proximity radio APP, exploring this abyss of contemporary instantaneous self-producing archives – commenting on modern-day audience’s experience of sound via streaming and a cohesion of the instantiations document. The selected video displays four dancers response to our broadcast.The performance looks into the imperceptibility of radio waves. A live score composed by artist/musican Ruth Edwards was transmitted via a one off pirate radio broadcast. This real-time relay of sound takes influences from forms of technology and on-site field recordings.

SAWTOOTHISLAND was work produced during a residency with Spontaneous Combustion festival in Hackney Wick and is in collaboration with artist/musician Ruth Edwards. The work also features Michael Umney, Jasmine Bertucci, Angelica Bollettinari, Margherita Elliot and Thea Viale.

SAWTOOTHISLAND can also be experienced post-performance in the form of sound samples, which can be picked up on site via an app please email me if you are interested in experiencing the work this way