This commissioned performance took place on the Winter Solstice (21st of December 2017), outside in the natural surroundings of the Proefpark de Punt in Rotterdam. We celebrated the return of the light and the winter solstice and explored local mythologies, the supernatural, and the body as a prism for new modes of thinking.

I performed a work called SHEE-LA-NA-GIG, a performative lecture incorporating image, music, and text and taking influences from Denise Diderot, Jean Genet, vagina loquens folklore, and experimental 1970’s porn. Throughout the performance I had a role somewhat that of a Bard. Or narrator giving a history of the talking vagina throughout history.

Music composed by me.

However, this solo performance emerged directly out of the collaborative radio play work Vagina Loquens made with academic Dr Gillian Partington and visual artist Kari Robertson. Special thanks for Gill and Kari for our collaborative research. Full radio play can be found here:

Thanks to ShowRoom MAMA, Rotterdam for the invitation.